Ana Navarro: ‘Being Hispanic or Black Does Not Make You Immune From Being a White Supremacist’

Harpies at The View argue Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia is a white supremacist and that guns should be banned.

The panel of “The View” tried tying Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia to white supremacy and demanded more gun control on Monday.

Co-host Ana Navarro made one of the most mindless statements imaginable, claiming, “Being Hispanic or being black or being anything does not make you immune from being racist, from being radicalized, being a white supremacist.”

“There are people who don’t see themselves for what they are,” she added.

The other panelists like Sunny Hostin piled on, claiming Republicans are helping white supremacists by not banning AR-15s.

“Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They have the power to make the change. Get rid of the AR-15s and get rid of these easy guns!” she said after claiming it was “bizarre” the shooter ended up being Hispanic.

Armed with an AR-15 and tactical gear, Garcia killed 8 people and injured 7 others in front of the Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday before a nearby police officer took him out.

His identity was withheld for a day before being released.

The mainstream media has been claiming that Garcia, a 33-year-old Hispanic male, may have been a white supremacist, citing a patch he was wearing that said RWDS, which they claim is an acronym for “right-wing death squad.”

But many on social media are suggesting the tattoo seen on Garcia’s hand reveals he may have been affiliated with the Texas prison gang known as Tango Blast.

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