Top Republicans Believe Trump Nomination is Now “Inevitable”

Virtually a done deal.

Top Republicans now believe that Donald Trump capturing the party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election is “inevitable,” according to a new report.

After Trump garnered the endorsement of Sen. Steve Daines, the National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair, the Hill reports that Republican legislators are operating on the assumption that his nomination is all but a done deal.

One Republican Senator confirmed that he felt it was a foregone conclusion that Trump would be on the ticket.

“I just think that his nomination is inevitable. I really do. He’s going to be the nominee,” he said, adding, “I’d be stunned if he’s not.”

“You’ve seen the numbers. I’ve talked to voters. People are beginning to recognize that,” said the Senator, adding, “Steve Daines’s endorsement reflects that reality. He’s going to be the nominee, we want him to work with us.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Trump was uniting the party and that his politically-motivated prosecution in New York had only served to rally support behind the 45th president.

“He’s certainly growing, if you believe in polling, and you hear it on the ground too. Part of it was a reaction to the New York prosecution. He became a victim of an out-of-control left-wing prosecutor and it gave him a bump,” said Graham.

The Senator said a lot of what happens depends on how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis runs his campaign, although his poll numbers against Trump have been slipping in recent weeks.

As we highlighted yesterday, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Donald Trump has opened up a 7 point lead over Joe Biden, whose approval rating has sunk to a new record low.

Registered Democrats are still split 47%-47% on whether the party should nominate Biden or someone other than Biden in 2024, while 77 per cent of independents who lean Democratic want to see the 80-year-old replaced by a different candidate.



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