Breaking! Alex Jones Right Again As Deadly Shootout Filmed At US-Mexico Border Days After Infowars Predicted Surge In Cartel Violence

Get ready for all Hell to break loose near America’s southern border

Footage going viral online reportedly shows the moment a deadly shootout occurred at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bridge runs across the Rio Grande River and connects the Texas city of Pharr with the Mexican city of Reynosa.

A person filmed the moment a truck drove around the bridge firing hundreds of rounds nearby.

According to local reports, the Mexican Army engaged in a shootout with a group of criminals and killed three of them.

A Twitter user allegedly found a bullet that had ricocheted in the area.

Mexican media outlet Adn40 reported, “Apparently the confrontation occurred between elements of the army and armed civilians; the preliminary balance is three alleged criminals killed.”

This alarming shootout comes just three days after Infowars founder and host Alex Jones warned two major Mexican drug cartels cut a deal with each other and with the Biden administration to engage in a terror campaign in America.

According to his sources, Jones said a cartel-backed terror spree could soon take place on U.S. soil in order to force the public into clamoring for Title 42 to remain in place.

This would ensure the cartels are able to continue charging the millions of illegal immigrants traveling through Mexico into the U.S. loads of money in extortion fees.

In return, the chaotic cartel attacks would play into the hands of the Democrat party which wants to disarm the American public before delivering the Great Reset death blow to modern society.

Watch Jones lay out the anti-American Biden/cartel agenda below:

Pete Santilli joined The Alex Jones Show Monday to break down intel by federal sources claiming two leading cartels have joined forces to wage a terror campaign on U.S. soil to serve as the pretext for the Biden regime to stay the lifting of Title 42 and come after the American people’s guns.

Learn more about this terrifying prospect in the following show segments:

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