Infowars At The Border: The Planned Invasion Of America Exposed

Don’t miss these exclusive reports as waves of illegals pour into America

Infowars host Owen Shroyer of the War Room is down at the U.S.-Mexico border with our crew to provide a firsthand glimpse at the chaotic and tragic crisis.

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Landing in El Paso, Texas, Shroyer explained he’s down at the border to expose a scene the mainstream media is either outright ignoring or downplaying.

Upon entering downtown El Paso, Shroyer documented an alley where illegal aliens gather before heading further into the U.S.

Talking with a local resident, Shroyer asked when the area became overwhelmed with illegals.

The man said it really blew up about a month ago, adding, “Finally, they just started cleaning up last night, they started moving them out.”

By “moving them out,” the man explained the illegal immigrants were assisted in traveling to their choice of destination.

The concerned citizen claimed local authorities will clean up the city when they know the press is set to come to town, such as before Biden’s one-time visit to the area.

Shroyer also told viewers about the Biden administration’s psyop in having DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas remove the illegals in El Paso ahead of the media’s arrival.

Standing at the University of El Paso campus, Shroyer found a Joe Biden “I did that sticker” right by the border.

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