Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Hits Media Circuit – ‘Forgot’ To Disclose Democrat Donor Funding Her Case

Media covering Trump sexual abuse trial non-stop as cover for House Oversight Committee revealing Biden family crimes

The Nancy Pelosiesque Donald Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll made an appearance on CNN Wednesday morning to speak about the recent $5 million court ruling against the former president.

In one segment of the interview, a CNN anchor asked Carroll why she failed to disclose a Democrat megadonor funded her case against Trump and she oddly responded, “Uhh… I just completely forgot that he even existed.”

The Democrat billionaire who funded the lawsuit just happened to visit Jeffrey Epstein’s private island and meet with him on at least two other occasions, according to records.

Another CNN anchor added, “Trump lawyers have called that a sign of bias that raises questions about the motives of bringing this case…”

Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan ignored the question about concealing the Democrat megadonor being involved in the case and rambled about “the truth.”

Next, Kaplan admitted, “There may be witnesses that don’t like Trump… there may have been jurors who don’t like Trump, but that process was about the truth under the law and that’s what the jury found.”

Shouldn’t any potential jurors who “don’t like Trump” have been filtered out of participating in the case?

In another clip from their CNN appearance, Carroll and Kaplan revealed they collaborated with the Democratic Party before even launching the lawsuit when they “helped get [a] law passed” to allow people to sue for sexual assault beyond the 20-year statute of limitations.

Continuing to make their rounds on television, Carroll and Kaplan also appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and talked with Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show.

During both interviews, Carroll repeated a story about telling Trump attorney Joe Tacopina the former president “did it and you know it.”

She also seemed strangely attracted to the lawyer, saying he’s “extremely likeable” and “extremely charming.”

When CBS Mornings host Gayle King asked Carroll what her reaction to the jury’s verdict was, she grinned and said, “I had the exact reaction you just had before the camera came on. You said when you heard it you went, ‘Hooray!’ That’s how I felt inside.”

It’s no shock King was celebrating the former president’s “liable” verdict off camera, but Carroll definitely outed the anchor’s anti-Trump bias.

The media blitz of the aftermath of the $5 million lawsuit is providing cover for another massive news story, which is the House Oversight Committee exposing several suspected Biden family crimes.

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