Watch: Top White Hat Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Catches One Live On Podcast

Hacker Ryan Montgomery exposes the underbelly of the dark-web hidden world of child exploitation.

A top ethical hacker named Ryan Montgomery joined the Shawn Ryan Show on Monday to break down the reality of insidious global child trafficking networks and explain how he uses his skills to expose child predators.

From the show description:

1 in 5 children in the United States will be sexually exploited online. Every 9 minutes, Child Protective Services finds evidence of child sexual abuse. 93% of victims know the perpetrator. These are horrifying and sobering statistics that drove the Shawn Ryan Show to expose this topic — this is where Ryan Montgomery comes in.

Ryan is the #1 “ethical hacker” in the world and it’s a title he’s earned by infiating websites that host child exploitation and exposing the predators that run rampant there. Ryan takes us into the underbelly of this dark-web hidden world and lights it up in real time. During the filming of this show, Ryan ran a mini-sting operation from his laptop in a chatroom, posing as a teen–it took less than 60 seconds for a predator to take the bait.

This episode is a cold, hard look at the pervasive problem that is child exploitation. Although it’s difficult to stomach, we do believe that this episode will educate parents and save thousands of children. Ryan has dedicated his life to saving human life via his treatment center for those with addiction and by forcing this vile topic into the light. We are honored to share his message.

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