Activists Tied to Loudon County Democrat Officials Threatened Lives Of Parents Speaking Out Against School Board

“This is a conspiracy to intimidate us. It is domestic terrorism,” says Loudon county parent.

A group of radical activists tied to Democrat officials of Loudon County, Virginia, threatened the lives and livelihoods of parents who spoke out against the Loudon County school board for indoctrinating children with LGBTQ and critical race theory material.

In chat logs exposed by a whistleblower, a social media group called “The Loudoun County Love Warriors” made up of several campaign volunteers, supporters, and staff for several Loudoun County elected officials plotted to get parents fired and even killed for speaking out against the school board.

“I was taken back when I received a phone call from the sheriff’s department – a deputy – saying I was being threatened online,” Loudoun County resident Mark Winn told 7News.

Winn said his quoting scripture during remarks to the school board triggered the group, who claimed it was “hate speech.”

“They threatened my life and my livelihood,” said Winn. “Quoting scripture in a public forum, that never has been, and never should be considered hate speech. When they threaten someone’s employment or threaten somebody’s life, or threaten their home, yeah that’s hate speech.”

From 7News:

After Winn spoke at a school board meeting in December 2022, one person in the “Loudoun Love Warriors” said they wanted to find Winn’s employer and hold the company accountable until he is fired. That same person and others wrote:

  • Mark Winn. I’m gonna find his employer.”
  • “And holding that company accountable until he is fired.”
  • “Lets make him unemployable by love or by force.”
  • “Wish I had footage of every person who clapped for him and give them the same ousting that Winn is about to.”
  • “I want to contact his employer to do just that. Ruin his livelihood.”
  • “Say goodbye to your job f***** [middle finger emoji].”
  • “I want every single person who clapped for that ousted en masse and their livelihoods ruined:).”

But the conversations became even more extreme, prompting the whistleblower to come forward with the chat logs.

  • “Im telling you. SOMETHING has to happen to one of them.”
  • “Something public and permanent.”
  • “Lines drawn in the cement.”
  • “Lives needs to be ruined beyond repair.”
  • “Lets actually destroy them. Grind them.”
  • “If he had said that s*** about black kids or autistic kids I would shoot him.”
  • “We REALLY need to find this guy.”
  • “You guys need to stop protesting and start fighting back against these people Time to just do something different to shut them down.”
  • “F*** just getting him [fired].”
  • “Im soooo ready to show up with guns lol.”
  • “His life needs to be PERMANENTLY disassembled.”

Another Loudon County resident Elicia Brand said the effort was nothing less than domestic terrorism.

“Just like there is a policy that says you can’t go after elected officials, you shouldn’t be able to threaten violence and conspire to harm another person physically,” said Brand.

7News Reporter Nick Minock asked her, “Do you think [U.S. Attorney General] Merrick Garland needs to look into this too?”

“Absolutely,” she replied. “This is a conspiracy to intimidate us. It is domestic terrorism.”

Loudon County Democratic Committee Chair Avram Fechter told 7News a statement will be forthcoming to address these threats made to parents.

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