Senator Ron Johnson: ‘We Have Evidence Hunter Biden Paid Sex Trafficked Prostitutes And The Media Isn’t Even Looking Into It’

“It is really pretty sick.”

During a Tuesday interview, Senator Ron Johnson asserted that Congressional Republicans have unequivocal proof that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars to an international sex trafficking ring for prostitutes with money given to him by his father.

“Senator Grassley and I, in our September 2020 report, laid out as much evidence as anybody would need to lay out that the Biden family is corrupt,” Johnson told Fox News, adding that it was well known “that President Biden would be highly compromised, but the corrupt media ignored it and censored it.”

Johnson continued, “One thing we don’t talk enough about. I know President Biden is so proud of his son. We have the evidence that Hunter Biden paid for — paid tens of thousands of dollars for prostitutes that were sex trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring. Yes, ick.”

“And President Biden during a four or five month period offered to pay for $100,000 of Hunter Biden’s bills when he was spending tens of thousands of dollars on these women who are sex trafficked,” the Senator further asserted.

“Now, that is at a minimum morally reprehensible and wrong. And the president is defending that and the media isn’t even looking into it?” an exasperated Johnson urged.

“It is grotesque but the media doesn’t concentrate on it. We had that in our report. We had the financial transactions proving it. James Comer does the same thing. But it is so icky and reprehensible that people don’t want to talk about it,” Johnson emphasised.

“It is galling to hear the president talk about how proud he is of Hunter. He enables this. He enables it by propping up his son both in term of those types of words as well as financially. It is really pretty sick,” the Senator concluded.


In a further interview on Fox Business, Johnson predicted the media will continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence of shady criminal dealings with foreign nationals.

In an interview with The Washington Examiner, Johnson said that he fears the Department of Justice will allow Hunter Biden to engage in a plea agreement and have his case records sealed.

“The Justice Department will do whatever it can get away with doing in terms of covering up for Hunter Biden or minimizing any charges,” the Wisconsin senator said, adding “I’ve been concerned about this, almost predicting it, for quite some time.”

“Part of that plea agreement would be a seal of all records so that the American public will never know the full extent of what Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden did,” Johnson added.

On Wednesday, during a press conference by House GOP lawmakers, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan announced that GOP lawmakers have reviewed 170 suspicious activity reports linked to the Biden Family’s dealings.

Republicans revealed that they believe the Biden family attempted to conceal more than $10 Million in foreign payments, and that “Biden family members and business associates created a web of over 20 companies—most were limited liability companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.”


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