Comedian Triggers Liberals With Dylan Mulvaney Joke – ‘F*** You Transphobe!’

Large group of large women stampedes out of comedy club over trans joke

Comedian Chrissie Mayr, a friend of Infowars, is going viral in relation to an encounter she had with a group of liberal audience members who stormed out in anger during her set in Dallas, Texas last week.

Vulgar language warning:

The incident took place after Mayr joked about transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney of Bud Light fame having “no tits” after a year of “being a woman.”

Asking why Mulvaney doesn’t have breasts if he’s a woman, a guy in the audience answered, “Because he’s a man.”

The dose of reality triggered a woman in the crowd to chirp back, “No. She’s a woman! She’s a woman.”

“Uh oh, we’ve got one of those,” Mayr responded, with the woman’s friends adding, “You got more than one.”

Mayr assured the group of women they can all have different beliefs, saying, “Some of us can believe in reality and some of us can…”

The audience erupted with laughter at Mayr calling out the ladies for ignoring reality.

After this, the camera caught the five large women leaving their table in fury with one of them yelling, “Fucking transphobe!”

“Is that the best you can do?” Mayr questioned the upset lady.

The rest of the audience was unfazed by the Mulvaney joke and actually enjoyed the comedian’s real-time slamming of the woke leftists.

Mayr said the group complained to management and angrily knocked over her merch table as they fled in what has become typical liberal behavior.

She also pointed out modern left-wing ideology is not compatible with comedy.

Don’t miss Mayr appearing on the War Room with Owen Shroyer just last week!

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