Exclusive! BETO Tells Infowars He Wouldn’t Send TX National Guard To Stop Border Invasion

Don’t miss out on this candid discussion!

During an airline flight on Friday, fate placed Infowars reporter Rob Dew just across the aisle from failed Democrat politicians Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

Dew queried whether Beto is planning to run for any political positions anytime soon to which the Democrat answered, “I’m not.”

Regarding the collapsed U.S.-Mexico border, Beto said, “We could do a lot better” and suggested he’d pass “comprehensive immigration reform” if he were governor.

“I’d listen to border communities. They know this issue better than anybody else and I’d get back to our traditions, I’d do the right thing,” he told Dew.

Inquired about going after the Mexican drug cartels, Beto answered, “We should absolutely do that” and acknowledged the criminal gangs are “a big part of the problem.”

Dew’s next question for Beto was, “Would you put the National Guard on the border?”

The Democrat replied, “No, I wouldn’t. What I would do is focus on making sure our laws look like our values and I would stop kicking the can down the road and I’d get some federal action. That means Congress, that means the president.”

Concluding the discussion, Dew asked Beto, “What do you want to say to Alex Jones?” and he admitted, “Not a big fan… but have a great day.”

The Infowars reporter thanked Beto for the conversation and assured him, “I won’t bother you anymore.”

This interaction comes as Infowars is at the southern border covering the end of Title 42 and the end of U.S. sovereignty.

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