Trump CNN Town Hall Beatdown – Watch

Watch the top GOP presidential candidate handle the press with expertise

CNN and its arrogant base of TDS sufferers are now regretting the decision to allow rising propaganda star Kaitlyn Collins to engage with the voice of the silent majority, former President Donald Trump.

Brainless Alexandria Cortez channeled her TDS by attacking our former president, rather than addressing the lunacy surrounding the blatant setup and manipulation of New York Statutes to “Get Trump” expected of our lawmakers.

Hours after the town Hall, Joe Biden asked if America wanted four more years of “that.”

Biden and his Twitter intern were then massively ratioed, crushing the bots under the weight of the outrage for Biden’s dumpster fire Presidency.

When it was all said and done, even the audience turned on CNN.

The Sleeping Giant has awakened and is putting his boots on.

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