Watch: Town Hall Attendee Exposes CNN’s Gaslighting Misrepresentation of Trump’s Election Remarks

Media manipulation called out in real-time.

A viewer of CNN’s town hall with Donald Trump didn’t take the bait when asked whether the former president should’ve talked more about his future plans rather than the past election.

Addressing a panel of town hall attendees, a duplicitous CNN correspondent slyly questioned a two-time Trump voter about Trump’s on-stage remarks, asking, “Does it bother you that he keeps talking about 2020 and not 2024?”

“So, I feel like part of it is also the media narrative as you guys asked him the first question asking him all about the 2020 election rather than current stuff,” the Trump-supporting man responded.

The retort calling out the gaslighting evidently caught the CNN reporter off-guard, prompting him to clumsily ask if Trump should have steered the discussion toward 2024.

“So, don’t you think he could say, ‘It’s time to start talking about 2024, not lies that are untrue?’” the CNN reporter asked.

“Couldn’t the media ask him a question about 2024?” the sharp-witted Trump supporter responded.

At this point the CNN propagandist finally admitted the man was right and CNN moderator Kaitlin Collins did indeed initially ask Trump about 2020.

“Huh? There were questions,” the reporter stammered, adding, “But you’re right, that was the first thing – that’s something that was on our mind.”

The incredible exchange is a perfect example of how the media tries to shape their own narrative and gaslights the public into believing outright falsities.

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