Special Guest Highlights: Learn About The Committee of 300, Ultimate Controllers of the New World Order — Sunday Night Live Rebroadcast

Dr. John Coleman breaks down the history of the Committee of 300 and how they’ve steered major world events for hundreds of years — tune in!

On this special Sunday Night Live rebroadcast, we’ll introduce you to Dr. John Coleman, the foremost expert on the Committee of 300, arguably the most powerful group at the tip of the New World Order pyramid. He’ll break down the Committee’s origins and how its plans for world domination were hatched hundreds of years ago. We’ll also air Alex Jones’ 2010 interview with Dr. Coleman as he explains the secretive elite group.

Watch Dr. Coleman’s 1994 presentation on the Committee of 300:

Watch Alex Jones’ 2010 interview with Dr. Coleman:

Tune into this live broadcast at MadMaxWorld.TV and spread the word!

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