Bloomberg News Celebrates Deadly South Africa Blackouts Because They Slashed Carbon Emissions

Thanks to widespread blackouts, “South Africa is ahead of its target for cutting emissions of greenhouse gases,” the corporate news outlet states.

Bloomberg News praised South Africa for inadvertently meeting its “climate goals” thanks to regular coal plant breakdowns causing widespread blackouts.

In its bizarre Monday headline, “South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions,” Bloomberg News lauded the energy cuts because now South Africa is “ahead of its target for cutting emissions of greenhouse gases.”

“Output of the climate-warming gases from the world’s 14th-biggest emitter is already falling even though its Nationally Determined Contribution, a target adopted by the cabinet in 2021, only forecast a decline from 2025.”

The outlet appeared delighted to describe how South Africa achieved these arbitrary climate goals thanks to the rolling blackouts, also called “loadshedding.”

“Regular breakdowns of the coal-fired power plants that supply more than 80% of South Africa’s electricity mean that less carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere and daily rotational cuts of more than 10 hours a day are further limiting emissions from factories,” the outlet reported.

Crispian Olver, the executive director of South Africa’s Presidential Climate Commission, insisted the country met its climate goal by accident.

“It’s unintentional,” he said in an interview in Johannesburg on Monday.

“We reckon we are well within the range” of meeting the 2030 target, he added, referring to South Africa’s aim to reduce its emissions to between 350 and 420 megatons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030.

The reality of the blackouts, contrary to Bloomberg’s rosy reporting, is much more dire.

“Car crashes, opportunistic criminals, rotting food, decomposing bodies, bankrupt businesses, and water shortages. Welcome to life under South Africa’s power blackouts,” CNN reported in January.

Known locally as loadshedding, widespread electricity blackouts are carried out multiple times a day by state-owned energy utility Eskom to avoid the total collapse of the grid.

Shortages on the electricity system unbalance the network, and Eskom has stated that controlled outages are necessary to ensure reserve margins are maintained, and the system remains stable.

While the country has been experiencing on-off power outages for years, since September 2022 scheduled blackouts have become routine, affecting every part of South African society.

For some people, not having access to reliable power can be the difference between life and death.

This is a glaring example of how the climate change zealots are willing to plunge civilization into the Dark Ages if it means reducing carbon emissions even slightly.

As Infowars has reported, the World Economic Forum and other globalist institutions are using “climate change” as the vehicle to impose top-down controls on industry as part of the Great Reset agenda, much like they did with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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