Chairman Of Homeland Security Committee: Mayorkas Has “Intentionally Violated” Law And “Lied To Congress Under Oath”

“Every American is at risk with this open border.”

GOP Congressman Mark Green, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, has blasted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for lying about the security of the border and violating the law as record numbers of illegal immigrants crossed the border last week.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the 83,000 crossings just last week alone, and Mayorkas’ assertion that the numbers have dropped, Rep. Green noted “What the secretary failed to say is that this week has seen more crossings than any time, any week in our history. Yes, there was some anticipation, and so people started coming across at higher numbers, in fact, record-breaking numbers, at the first part of the week.”

“But in the latter part of the week, a judge ruled that they can’t do their plan of just releasing without a court date, which Secretary Mayorkas has said on the news was a bad idea. But that court ruling said he can’t do that. The drug cartels have responded, and the numbers have fallen off for a couple of days,” Green explained.

“But he admitted just moments ago that they can’t predict the peak,” The Congressman continued, adding “CBP said 40 percent increase is expected with Title 42 gone.”

Green laid out the stark numbers, urging “That’s another nine million people in two years. I mean, they have already let 5.04 million encounters and 1.5 million got-aways as they have tried to manage border security and not secure our border.”

Green vowed to hold Mayorkas responsible, saying he knows “for a fact he lied to Congress under oath,” and adding “We’re going to look into his dereliction of duty, the laws he’s intentionally violated and not followed.”

“His job is to execute the laws, not write them or make them up himself,” Green continued, adding the the DHS head’s “interim final rule to just speed people into the country is an excellent example of them just making up the laws, which we are the ones, we write the laws in Congress. He executes the laws, right, as the executive branch.”

“We will show the human cost of this open border, fentanyl mothers, Angel Moms, that little baby in Florida crawling around on a VRBO that encountered fentanyl and died,” Green further urged, asserting that “every American is at risk with this open border. I would be negligent in my job not to look into this guy’s performance.”


Earlier in the broadcast, Mayorkas had the gall to take a victory lap regarding the numbers of encounters on the border:

Mayorkas said that he is not worried about the threat of being impeached for dereliction of duty:

Meanwhile, Joe Biden gloated to reporters that the border situation is “Much better than you all expected.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted Biden, repeating his charge that the collapse of the border is intentional in order to stoke a “full on invasion”.

“This is a full on invasion. It is a crisis. And the Biden administration is cheering it on … they want this to happen,” Cruz told Fox News, adding, “They want more people to come in, and they don’t care about the body bags that are piling up.”

“They don’t care about the women being sexually assaulted,” Cruz continued, adding “They don’t care about the children being brutalized. They don’t care about the over 100,000 drug overdoses that we had last year, two thirds of which was from Chinese fentanyl coming across the southern border.”


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