Must-See Internet: Alex Jones Hosts Louder With Crowder – The Deep State Is Lying, We’re Being Invaded!

Be sure to spread the link to this epic transmission!

Infowars founder and host Alex Jones hosted Monday’s broadcast of the Louder With Crowder podcast for an epic episode exposing the globalists intentionally running America into the ground.

It also appears as if YouTube may be throttling, or shadowbanning, the Jones-hosted edition of Crowder as it has just under 100k views on the platform despite the channel boasting 5.86 million followers.

Meanwhile, the Rumble upload of the broadcast has 1.2 million views despite that channel having 1.33 million subscribers.

It’s also worth noting commenters on YouTube, a platform that banned Jones, were largely supportive of Jones’ presence on the site.

The information gatekeepers controlling Big Tech will never silence the truth!

Also, don’t miss today’s edition of The Alex Jones Show, broadcast out of the Louder With Crowder studios:

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