Texas Children’s Hospital Fires Physicians In Aftermath Of Project Veritas Exposé On Trans Care For Minors

Undercover footage led Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate the facility

Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas has announced it will be letting go of its doctors currently on staff in response to a recent undercover video exposé from Project Veritas.

According to several parents with children receiving services at the hospital, the facility is sending out notices about the change.

The Project Veritas videos showed a Dell Children’s social worker admitting the clinic provides certain gender-affirming treatment for patients “as young as eight, nine” and sometimes after only one consultation.

After learning about the staff being let go, Project Veritas mocked the hospital in a Telegram post, writing, “Dell Children’s Medical Center: wE dOn’T pRoViDE tRaNs cArE On MinOrS! Also Dell’s: You need to find a new doctor, Project Veritas blew up our spot.”

In a report by Good Day Austin, viewers were told the hospital has stopped providing transgender medical care to minors.

This announcement comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an investigation into Dell Children’s over potentially illegal services being provided to underage Texans.

On Saturday, the hospital issued a statement revealing the clinic is not closed, but that “the physicians who previously staffed the clinic will be departing.”

“Dell Children’s Medical Group Adolescent Medicine clinic has not closed. We are working with our staff, families, and other providers to ensure our patients’ safety and make sure we are helping families connect with the appropriate healthcare services. While the physicians who previously staffed the clinic will be departing, the clinic remains open and supported by other physicians within Dell Children’s Medical Group. We continue to be advocates for the best possible care and treatment for children in Central Texas.”

Earlier this month, the hospital admitted care provided at the clinic “may have been inconsistent with our organization’s position on this important issue.”

Instead of admitting the hospital may have been violating Texas laws, mainstream outlets like The Independent ran headlines painting Paxton as a bad guy for stripping trans kids of services, such as, “Trans teens suddenly lose care as Texas attorney general investigates Austin hospital.”

The state’s investigation should reveal even more information about the hospital’s transgender care for minors and Senate Bill 14 could soon make puberty blockers and hormone therapies illegal for underage Texans.

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