RuPaul’s DragCon Features Twerking Teletubbies, Kids Surrounded By Sex Toys & Half-Naked Adults

Adult-themed sexual events being publicly promoted as ‘acceptable’ for children by the perverted globalist establishment

RuPaul’s DragCon hit Los Angeles, California this weekend, bringing the popular drag queen television show to the public with a special “Kid Zone” for parents to leave their children during the event.

The Kid Zone featured a meet-and-greet with characters from the children’s show Teletubbies who then joined the stage to dance with a drag queen.

According to National Review, “This year, the convention is granting free admission for children under eight with each paid adult ticket, although children under 16 are prevented from the separately ticketed ‘After Hours’ events.”

It’s not clear why underage attendees aged 16 and 17 are able to go to the “after-hours” DragCon events.

Mainstream media outlets like Reuters and NBC News promoted the drag event as a friendly place for children.

In a Reuters video, one drag queen called Frisbee Jenkins said, “I’ve met so many kids today whose eyes light up when they see drag and it just goes to show they’re trying to criminalize drag, they’re trying to make drag queens out to be monsters. They’re trying to make anyone who does drag out to be monsters and we’re not monsters, you know, we’re just celebrating our life and living out loud and kids recognize that and they love it.”

“So, I think something like this is great for our community and it’s great politically because why shouldn’t we be able to come to an event and celebrate who we are?” the drag queen added.

Highlighting some of the inappropriate items being sold at the event, National Review wrote, “The convention’s exhibitors include spiked-collar company ‘BitchFist NYC,’ lubricant company ‘Boy Butter,’ the flavored anal spray company ‘Holey Water,’ the American Civil Liberties Union, and the non-denominational Christ Chapel of the Valley.”

In fact, a journalist with captured footage of the convention revealing the truly disturbing sights witnessed by children in attendance.

Some clips from the Right Now Views video were uploaded to Twitter by Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis, including the following shot of a man wearing prosthetic breasts with the nipples visible through his shirt.

Later in the same video, a pair of women with toddlers can be seen trying to purchase a drag queen Monopoly board game.

One mother interviewed explained she introduced her eight-year-old daughter to drag by watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The next video clip shows a person wearing pasties over their nipples with their buttcheeks fully exposed walking past some kids as a song in the background blasted, “I’m horny all night long” on repeat.

Viewers can also get a glimpse of the Teletubbies characters in the tweet below:

One child was spotted in a stroller next to a big pink penis cup!

Someone who attended the L.A. DragCon posted a video of children dancing onstage for cheering adults.

TPUSA Frontlines reporter Kalen D’Almeida went to the L.A. DragCon and asked attendees how much they approved of drag kids.

The individuals interviewed all praised drag children with extreme enthusiasm.

D’Almeida also questioned attendees of the convention for their views on the Christian protesters gathered outside to protest the event.

Most of the pro-drag people said the demonstrators have “hate” in their hearts and saw nothing wrong with their lifestyle.

At the British Drag Convention in January, a drag queen named A’whora performed alongside twerking Teletubbies characters.

In another video going viral online, a large crowd of adults cheered on a young child shaking their butt onstage in the direction of the audience as a singer shouted, “Ass everywhere!”

See the RightNowViews footage in full below:

Get these disturbing videos out to everyone you know who is still in denial about the disgusting sexualization and grooming of children around the world.

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