SHOCKING VIDEO: Police Use Batons & Horses to Repel Violent Antifa Attack on ‘Baby Lives Matter’ Rally

Santa Monica police on horseback utilized to quell unruly mob of black-clad Antifa terrorists.

Footage from a pro-life rally in California on Saturday showed leftist Antifa thugs violently confronting demonstrators and police.

In video circulating on social media via News2Share, a line of Santa Monica police officers used batons to push back a mob of black-clad Antifa terrorists wearing hoodies and masks, with police on horseback also utilized to quell the unruly counter-protesters.

The black bloc protesters were accompanied by a bevy of lunatic leftists, including one transgender individual, pictured in photos below, who repeatedly confronted police and used a bullhorn to shout obscenities at the Baby Lives Matter demonstrators.

One incident reportedly led to the arrest of a leftist who allegedly used his bicycle to attack an anti-abortion rally attendee.

Despite the chaos, members of the pro-life rally were able to march on the Santa Monica Pier with a police escort.

Watch footage of the wild rally in full below:

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