Sports Illustrated 2023 Swimsuit Issue to Feature Transgender Biological Man on Cover

Beloved American icon has become vehicle for woke propaganda, further devolving normal standards of beauty.

The vaunted Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in 2023 will feature transgender singer Kim Petras on its cover in yet another affront to biological women.

The magazine revealed Monday Petras is among four cover models on this year’s swimsuit issue, along with 81-year-old housekeeping maven Martha Stewart.

According to anti-trans activist Oli London, himself a former transgender person, Petras “underwent gender reassignment surgery aged 16 and has since gone on to become a successful pop singer.”

Petras’ appearance on the cover immediately became a subject of controversy on social media, with some mocking the editors for cramming the trans agenda down America’s throats.

The Babylon Bee lampooned the development with a satirical article claiming a dad punished his son by making him peruse the issue.

Fox News anchor Jesse Watters covered the trans development Tuesday on his show:

This isn’t the first time Sports Illustrated has featured a man pretending to be a woman on its cover.

“Model and actress Leyna Bloom was the first, having been on the cover in 2021,” reports

Further perverting the standard of beauty, the magazine also made the bizarre decision to have octogenarian Martha Stewart grace its cover as the swimsuit edition’s oldest model.

On the upside, actress blood-drinking celebrity Megan Fox’s appearance as one of the cover models serves as a sort-of saving grace for Sports Illustrated.

Despite repeated backlash and numerous boycotts launched against the LGBTQ agenda, the establishment doesn’t seem to get the hint when it comes to the American people rejecting woke propaganda.

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