Watch: Same Media Outlets Parroting Trump-Russia Lies Forced To Admit Durham Report “Exonerates” 45th President

CNN’s Jake Tapper says Durham report is “devastating to the FBI” and “does exonerate Donald Trump”

Special Counsel John Durham’s over three-year-long report was released Monday, exposing the Trump-Russia collusion probe as a hoax perpetrated in collaboration with the FBI, DOJ and others.

In response to the 306-page report, the very same mainstream media outlets that helped the liberal political establishment push the false Russiagate lies are now being forced to admit they were wrong the whole time.

First, don’t miss the following video compilation for a refresher on the three years of dis- and misinformation regarding the Trump-Russia witch hunt spewed by American media outlets.

Now, anti-Trump reporters like Jake Tapper are acknowledging the Durham report is “devastating to the FBI” and “does exonerate Donald Trump.”

CBS News reported, “There were some missteps with respect to” the Trump-Russia inquiry and that Durham found evidence of political bias at the FBI influenced the investigation.

CNN viewers were also bluntly told, “The FBI failed in many, many ways.”

Of course, not every talking head is ready to admit the Durham report is damning for the Biden administration and proves Trump was right about Russiagate being a hoax.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Andrew Weissmann said Durham’s report is a “big fat nothing” and that he presented “a rabbit hole conspiracy theory.”

Don’t hold your breath for any Democrat politicians to publicly announce they were wrong about the Russiagate lies or to call for action regarding the FBI and DOJ colluding against and framing a presidential candidate and sitting president.

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