Brooklyn Residents Outraged Illegals Being Housed In Elementary School Gymnasium

Parents worried about safety of students and potential the aliens brought in disease

Angry parents in New York City’s Coney Island area gathered outside an elementary school called Ps 188 to voice their frustration that around 75 illegal aliens are being housed in the gymnasium of their children’s school.

According to its website, the school serves children aged as young as three and goes up to 5th grade.

The New York Post covered the arrival of the illegals on Sunday, writing, “Dozens of migrants will be housed at the gym outside the Brooklyn elementary school with no timetable on how long the building will be used as an emergency site for migrants, City Council members Justin Brannan and Ari Kagan said Sunday evening.”

Independent journalist Leeroy Johnson or “Leeroy Press” of Viral News NY on Twitter captured footage of the facility on Sunday and claimed migrants he talked with explained they traveled for eight months before arriving at the school.

Viral News NY also documented a police presence outside the school and noted the group came from Texas.

Footage showed more police arriving ahead of more illegal aliens.

Local residents were not happy with the situation, one woman asking The Post, “Why a school? That’s the part I don’t get. There’s always other options. A lot of the buildings around here, they have fallout shelters that are spacious, and used for emergencies.”

Viral News NY also reported a local man yelled at the police officers outside the school on Monday about what might happen to the children attending class on the campus.

Standing outside Ps 188, NYC Council Brooklyn CD 47 candidate Avery Pereira told Viral News NY the Biden administration’s wide open border policies are to blame for the debacle.

In one video, a mother with a son attending the school told police officers outside campus she wanted them to be on guard to make sure the kids stay safe if the illegals are going to be loitering around the entrance and staying in the gym.

She told Viral News NY, “My concern is we were not aware this was going to happen. My child goes to this school. The gym is connected to the school… “We’re concerned about our children and we’re concerned about the safety of them as well because we don’t know what they have. We were only told they were tested for Covid. They come with other diseases and we just want to know that our children are gonna be safe and our community is going to be safe.”

She also revealed she’s taken her child out of school until she gets answers regarding the situation.

On Tuesday, the illegals were seen signing up for free health insurance as part of their “undocumented” privilege before a large group of angry parents and locals gathered for a protest.

One woman demonstrating outside the school asked where the kids would go for physical education since the gymnasium was full and wondered why the illegals weren’t being provided meals.

Coney Island 47th District City Councilman Ari Kagan, who is an immigrant, blamed the Biden administration’s open border for the crisis.

A student who attends the school voiced her concern for the safety of herself and her peers, saying, “We don’t know what the people in there have and we don’t know what they could do to the kids. We don’t know if they could hurt them at any time, they could go up in our school building and nobody would realize it because everybody is in their classrooms.”

One demonstrator waved a massive “Trump 24” flag as a woman spoke to the crowd on a megaphone.

Even many Americans on the left are waking up to the harm being done to the nation by the insane amount of illegal aliens flooding the southern border from nations across the world.

Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday responded to a reporter who asked, “Where the heck is the President of the United States?” by answering, “That is a GOOD question.”

In a rare example of honesty, the mayor said cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago should not have to bear the burden of the hordes of illegals before admitting, “It should not be happening to El Paso or Brownsville, Texas. No city should be carrying this burden, it’s a national problem and it needs a national solution.”

The masses are quickly seeing the truth about the border crisis, but what will they do to demand the corrupt political establishment enforce the Constitution and solve the issue?

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