Crowder Declares “WAR” On YouTube For Removing Alex Jones Segments

“We will not pacify, we will not kowtow, and we will not stop. Not now. Not ever.”

Conservative host Stephen Crowder has vowed “This means WAR,” after YouTube removed several of his videos, including clips of Infowars founder Alex Jones guest hosting his show.

Crowder tweeted out screenshots of his inbox and notifications from YouTube that his content has been purged for “violating community guidelines.”

Crowder came out punching, declaring that “I don’t give a shit that we’re ONE STRIKE AWAY from being banned permanently,” and saying he will never stop whether YouTube likes it or not.

Despite having close to SIX MILLION subscribers on YouTube, Crowder made the cardinal sin of providing a platform to Alex Jones, whom YouTube censored, banned and completely erased from the platform several years ago, paving the way for hundreds more after him to be silenced.

Crowder has also recently partnered up with Rumble, a direct competitor to YouTube, and one which refuses to censor legitimate content.

YouTube long ago cemented its place as the establishment owned and run platform where only content approved and authorised by the ‘powers that be’ is allowed to be seen by the masses, and that continues to intensify.

Watch the clips that YouTube banned below, and share the entire show via Rumble, a video hosting platform that still believes in free speech.


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