Heroic Teen Boy Uses Slingshot To Save 8-Year-Old Sister From Abduction

David vs. Goliath story went viral with millions praising brave teenager

A fourteen-year-old boy sprang into action last week, saving his eight-year-old sister from being abducted by a 17-year-old would-be kidnapper.

The David vs. Goliath story went viral around the U.S. this week with millions of people praising the brave teenager’s courageous act.

According to the Michigan State Police, the young girl was picking mushrooms in her own backyard when the attacker grabbed her from behind and held his hand over her mouth.

Upon witnessing the assault, the heroic brother grabbed his nearby slingshot and launched a rock directly at the assailant’s face.

After being struck, the criminal let go of the girl and was hit in the chest by another slingshot projectile.

The 17-year-old then ran off but was apprehended by police who identified him thanks to the injury to his face from the first slingshot attack.

State police told the media, “You wouldn’t think if you were playing in your own backyard or on your own property that you have to be concerned about something like this, but it just goes to show that there is evil out there.”

“For a 14-year-old to see that and pop into action that quickly is extraordinary and he should be commended for it,” law enforcement officials added. “What he did also helped us identify who the suspect was because obviously [the suspect] had injuries from being hit with the slingshot and those were things that helped us evidentiary-wise identify who it was.”

The brave brother may have saved his sister’s life as police later revealed the suspect confessed “he had planned to severely beat the victim.”

This type of action is directly associated with the genetically-gifted trait the left has labeled “toxic masculinity,” a thing the establishment is trying to eradicate from society.

Police are not revealing the teen suspect’s name but revealed he’s facing one count of attempted kidnapping/child enticement, one count of attempted assault to do great bodily harm, and one count of assault and battery with a bond set at $150,000 and a May 17 court date.

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