Homeless Suspect Steals, Crashes Patrol Car After Attempted Violent Robbery

Suspect tried to rob payday loan business before smashing window of police car and taking off with K-9 inside

A homeless man was arrested for a crime spree in Florida that ended when he crashed a stolen police car with a K-9 inside, authorities say.

The shocking string of events unfolded just after 9 p.m. on Saturday in Winter Haven, a city in Polk County located between Tampa and Orlando.

Police were called to an Amscot payday loan and cash advance store where a man had attempted to execute a violent robbery.

Employees say the man repeatedly threw a rock against the front window before walking in and throwing another rock at glass protecting the tellers.

After unsuccessfully trying to force entry into a restricted area, the man left.

When officers arrived and entered the building, the suspect then smashed the driver’s side window of a patrol car, jumped in, and drove away with a police K-9 trapped in the back seat.

The suspect crashed the vehicle into other cars a short time later and officers were ultimately forced to use an electroshock weapon to subdue him.

The suspect was identified as Menyelek Jarrett, a 20-year-old vagrant.

He faces a slow of charges, including “business burglary, grand theft-motor vehicle, attempted burglary of conveyance, tampering with a police K-9, resisting arrest without violence, leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and reckless driving,” according to Fox News.

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