Sen. Ron Johnson: Fauci Was ‘Just Hungry’ for a Universal Vaccine Campaign

‘They wanted a shot in every arm,’ Wisconsin senator explained.

Federal Covid czars like Dr. Anthony Fauci were “hungry” to institute a universal vaccine campaign in the wake of the pandemic and sabotaged alternative treatments in order to obtain emergency use authorization for the jabs, says Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

“They wanted a shot in every arm. There was an agenda here,” Sen. Johnson said in a discussion with Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders Monday.

The senator went on to explain top-level government operatives also went out of their way to “sabotage” alternative Covid treatments which they knew worked, like hydroxychloroquine.

“Remember, early treatment was sabotaged,” Johnson said.

“Hydroxychloroquine that was recommended back in, what, 2004, 2005 after the first SARS and MERS outbreaks? They knew that was a molecule that could potentially stop this pandemic, but they sabotaged it,” Johnson stated. “They sabotaged Ivermectin. They sabotaged a host of drugs that were cheap, generic and available and were being used successfully by doctors early on in the pandemic.”

“Why do they sabotage that?” he continued. “Because they didn’t want a treatment. Because if you had a treatment, you wouldn’t be able to get an emergency use authorization.”

Sen. Johnson says it was evident early on Fauci and others were aching for an opportunity to bring forward their experimental vaccines.

“And we know from Fauci and Rick Bright at the Milken Institute symposium, that they were just hungry for a universal vaccine campaign,” Johnson explained.

“They thought they’d have to have a pandemic to do that. Well, they got their pandemic and they were going to make sure they get that universal vaccine program in place.”

“They didn’t follow the science. They ignored it,” Johnson continued, speaking to Epoch Times’ Jan Jekielek.

Sen. Johnson, who has previously presided over hearings bringing attention to victims of Covid-19 vaccine side effects, also noted people who sustained debilitating adverse reactions from the jabs have been ignored.

“I certainly know that the vaccine injuries have been completely denied, overlooked, so that people suffering from vaccine injuries are going without effective treatment,” he added.

The senator also highlighted problems with vaccine trials, saying they were only tested on healthy people and that even then vaccine study data was withheld from the public.

“They vaccinated all of them. When you understand who was in the trial, these were generally healthy people,” Johnson said. “The trial was on very healthy people—not pregnant women, not the elderly. So it was a healthy group. And even there, it looks like they hid the data in terms of vaccine injuries and the true overall effectiveness.”

“People really need to be concerned more about absolute the effectiveness in terms of making their decision on whether or not to be vaccinated.”

Read the rest of Johnson’s interview at The Epoch Times.

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