“CBS Saturday Morning” – Put Bugs In Food Supply To Stop Climate Change

Mainstream media outlets continue doing the bidding of globalist groups like the WEF

During a recent segment on “CBS Saturday Morning,” the network promoted adding insects into the food supply in America to somehow combat climate change.

According to the report, “Climate researchers say bugs could be a game changer in the fight to protect the planet in ways you may not have imagined.”

The segment went on to explain “protein-packed pests” could offer a solution to “the global food crisis.”

A German scientist interviewed by CBS said he hopes to introduce bugs as a replacement for soybean-derived proteins given to livestock.

Basically, the argument is the bugs take up less space and are less harmful to the environment than soybean farms which have increased deforestation.

After promoting the bugs for livestock to eat, the CBS anchor admitted companies are racing to find a “high-protein, low-carbon solution to feed animals and the world’s population.”

Of course, people would also be eating the livestock that would be eating the bug-based proteins.

Fox News mocked the CBS segment on Tuesday, saying the clips from the propaganda piece looked like something out of Fear Factor.

Is there a better way to wake up than with a mainstream media morning program where you get encouraged to ingest crickets and maggots?

Remember, this is all propaganda being trickled down from the globalists in control of groups like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.

Infowars has been at the forefront of exposing the agenda to force humanity to eat the bugs:

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