Coup Attempt Unveiled: AI Chatbot Analyzes Durham Report, Exposes Unjust FBI Probe Into Gen. Flynn

‘The investigation into Flynn was part of a larger effort by the FBI to undermine the Trump administration,’ the chatbot summarized after reading 306-page report.

An A.I. chatbot asked to summarize Special Counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report on the DOJ’s Trump-Russia collusion probe found the FBI unjustly pursued an investigation into former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn.

According to a Twitter post by conservative commentator Justin Theory, the chatbot was fed all 306 pages of Durham’s report and asked to “give the top 5 highlights about Gen. Flynn.”

Among its findings, the chatbot concluded, “The FBI did not have a legitimate basis to investigate General Flynn,” and that, “The investigation into Flynn was part of a larger effort by the FBI to undermine the Trump administration.”

In other words, corrupt federal agencies attempted to orchestrate a coup to overthrow President Donald Trump’s administration.

“This was a coup attempt plain and simple,” Theory emphasized, “and they needed the People’s General out of the way before they could continue.”

“When they charged General Flynn, they decapitated the people’s leader capable of organizing to fight back. Someone unafraid to GUT the alphabet soup for good.”

Flynn was ousted from the presidential administration in 2017 after allegations he misled Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with a Russian ambassador during the presidential transition from Obama to Trump.

Other key points highlighted by the chatbot included, “FBI officials hid key information from Flynn’s defense team,” and, “The FBI manipulated info to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil another Trump campaign advisor.”

Gen. Flynn blasted the DOJ in response to the report’s findings, tagging former Democrat President Barack Obama and tweeting, “The American people need to understand what this attempted ‘coup’ (I have no better word for it) did to our country. Read the report for yourself and let it sink in.”

“The FBI needs to be completely shut down and it must happen in any new administration that enters the WH,” Flynn continued in another tweet. “Ideas about reform are fine but not until a complete shut down occurs.”

Following the release of Durham’s report Monday, President Trump promised if he secures the Republican nomination and wins reelection in 2024 that Gen. Flynn would have a place in his next administration.

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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