Illegal Migration in Central Mediterranean Hits “Record Level”

Europe being rocked by yet another wave of illegal migration

Illegal border crossings in the Central Mediterranean Sea are at “record levels” this year according to Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

Frontex reported the highest number of “detections” in the region since it began keeping records in 2009.

Between January and April, more than 42,000 illegal crossings were recorded – an increase of 292% over the same period last year.

Nearly 14,500 of those crossings took place in April alone, indicating figures could rise as weather improves.

“Criminal smuggling groups are increasingly using makeshift metal boats hastily assembled within hours of departure. Oftentimes fishing boats tow these metal boats closer to the Italian island of Lampedusa, their main destination,” Frontex explained in their report.

“This route accounted for just over half of irregular crossings into the EU so far this year. The Central Mediterranean drove all of the 28% rise in total detections so far this year; the rest of the top seven routes saw declines ranging from 7% to 47%.”

Across Europe, the number of illegal border crossings are up nearly 30% over 2022.

The top nationalities of migrants encountered in the Central Mediterranean region included the African nations of Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, as well as Pakistan.

With almost 80,700 detections recorded, illegal migration is at the highest levels since the 2016 crisis that changed Europe forever.

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