Watch: Christian Activist Arrested in Canada for Offering Bibles at Trans Protest

Trans mob holds counter-protest against student activist demonstrating against transgenders being allowed in women’s restrooms.

A Christian student activist was arrested in Alberta, Canada, Wednesday after handing out Bibles as part of a peaceful protest opposing the transgender ideology.

Footage shows Calgary police carry off activist Josh Alexander as he participated in an event dubbed the “International Walkout Protest” outside of Western Canada High School, where leftist students held a counter-protest coinciding with the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

“Today I was handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon for offering students bibles on a public sidewalk in Calgary,” Alexander wrote on Twitter.

“I was released and told if I returned I would be arrested and charged. I continued handing out bibles. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ,” he added.

According to CityNews Calgary, police “stood between those advocating for trans rights and those accompanying Alexander, and were forced to increase the distance between the opposing sides as the fight broke out.”

Earlier this week, Alexander shared flyers for the protest organized in part by The Liberty Coalition of Canada (LCC) and asked at which high school he should hold the protest.

Alexander’s arrest was roundly condemned on social media, with some asking why violent leftists weren’t arrested instead of the peaceful activist.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier summarized the insanity of the incident, writing, “If you burn a church in this country, the police won’t devote any resources to catching you. If you hand out Bibles on the sidewalk however — or hold a rally to defend fundamental rights in a time of hysteria — you will be arrested and fined immediately.”

“We’re a sick society,” he added.

CityNews Calgary reports Alexander and another person arrested were both later released without charges.

Police disputed Alexander’s claims they arrested him for handing out Bibles, and instead claimed his behavior was what sparked the arrest.

“The Calgary Police Service recognizes the Charter rights of everyone to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,” police reportedly stated, adding, “We police behavior, not beliefs.”

According to a petition launched in his name by the LCC, Alexander began his student activism after he was “excluded from attending his Catholic High School because, during class debates and on social media, he expressed his Christian beliefs that there are only two genders, that students cannot switch between genders, and that boys should not be permitted into the girls’ bathroom.”

“Josh was suspended after trying to organize a student walk-out because the school refused to address the safety concerns of a female student.”

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