Bizarre Video: Creepy Biden Summons Random White House Visitor’s Kids, Walks Away With Them

Groper-in-chief can’t help himself around children.

Bizarre video going viral on social media appears to show Creepy Joe Biden motioning for two children to approach him, before he whisks them away behind closed doors.

“This is weird as shit, even for Joe Biden…” commented a Twitter user on the video, which appears to have been shot following his trip to Poland back in February.

Commenters were left stunned by the video and advised parents to keep their children as far away as possible from Biden, who’s even been accused of pedophilic acts in his daughter Ashley’s diary.

One would think with the numerous tales about Creepy Joe’s penchant for young children White House staff might be a little more cautious to let him around kids, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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