Japanese Protesters Upset By Biden’s G7 Visit To Hiroshima, Claim He’s Trying To Start ‘Nuclear War’

Citizens across the world waking up to global assault on humanity

Joe Biden’s Friday visit to Itsukushima, a small island in Japan’s Hiroshima Bay, was met with resistance from locals who were upset the American leader would step foot on land where the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb during WWII.

One demonstrator said they “cannot accept the fact that” the global elite are meeting in Hiroshima, “a place where an atomic bomb was dropped,” as they’re “trying to hold a meeting to start a nuclear war.”

Many of the Japanese protesters were anti-war activists, such as one man who told the press the countries involved are sending weapons to Ukraine and are not working towards a ceasefire in the warring nation.

The demonstrators clashed with local police.

The Japanese activists appear to be right about the G7 leaders discussing the future of the Ukraine-Russia war as Ukraine’s globalist lapdog President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend the summit on Sunday.

America’s senile usurper-in-chief was also filmed stumbling down another flight of stairs after arriving in Japan.

Internet users blasted Biden for appearing to be lost in another G7 video clip going viral.

After nearly falling down the steps, Biden was again seen holding a detailed cheat sheet of talking points for his conversations with the other global leaders.

The globalist leaders of the G7 countries also had the audacity to visit a war memorial for the victims of America’s 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima when they weren’t plotting how to prolong the war in Ukraine.

People around the planet are waking up to the global elite agenda to depopulate and rule over humanity.

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