Teen Female Cyclist Can’t Compete After Adult Trans Cyclist Plows Into Her Causing Concussion

British BMX cyclist Sasha Pardoe, 16, said she can’t compete in FISE UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup held in France because of injury caused by collision with trans cyclist.

A teenage female competitive cyclist says she won’t be able to compete in an upcoming event due to a concussion sustained in a collision with a transgender cyclist.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, British BMX cyclist Sasha Pardoe, 16, who’s still in high school, said she was told she can’t compete in the ongoing FISE UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup held in France because of the injury.

“Sucks to say I’ve been told I can’t ride @fiseworld due to a concussion from practice yesterday,” Pardoe imparted.

“Would love to ride and felt as I had a lot to give,” she said, along with a shrugging woman emoji.

According to the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS), Pardoe’s accident happened when transgender cyclist Chelsea Wolfe, a biological male, collided with her, noting the high schooler lost a “chance at 7k euros in winning prize money by failing medical clearance.”

Delving into Wolfe’s background, ICONS highlighted he placed 1st in a competition in Texas last April, and that he used a social media platform to bash people who don’t support transgenders in sports as “demented adults.”

ICONS additionally explained the male ride has previously been a member of the US National olympic team and is “on track to qualify for the women’s US Olympic team for Paris 2024,” as the International Olympic Committee has no rules barring transgenders from competing in women’s sports.

Here’s a highlight reel of Wolfe training in various BMX skate parks.

When will sports leagues protect fairness and ensure a level playing field for biological women?

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