Transgender Mass Shooter Also Targeted Cathedral

Husband of woman who survived shooting reveals buried detail.

During her killing spree, transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale also targeted a neo-Gothic cathedral attached to the Covenant School, it has been revealed.

The detail was not known and only came to light in an article for the National Review written by Graham Hillard, whose wife survived the shooting.

According to Hillard, Hale shot seven bullets through a stained-glass figure of Adam, suggesting once again that the attack was religiously and politically motivated, despite authorities being keen to keep a lid on what factors radicalized Hale.

“On the morning of March 27, a transgender “man” named Audrey Hale shot her way into the Christian elementary school that employs my wife and educates my children,” wrote Hillard.

“The rampage that followed left seven dead, including the shooter, and has been duly chronicled, interpreted, and mourned, both here in Nashville and across the nation.”

“Despite the fact that no one in my family was physically harmed, or perhaps because of it, I decided at first not to write about the massacre.”

“What changed my mind was an unreported detail, confirmed privately by both the police and a church deacon in charge of the physical plant. At some point during her spree, Hale went from the school to the (attached) neo-Gothic cathedral and fired seven bullets into a stained-glass figure of Adam, the first man, according to the Genesis narrative. A writer may try for a while to resist such a symbol, but, as the existence of this article proves, he is unlikely to prevail in the end.”

Hillard went on to suggest that Hale was angered by the very concept of Christianity.

“Writing this essay, I have tried to put myself in Hale’s shoes, standing before the Creation window, rifle in hand. In the figure of Adam, she must have seen not only a masculinity she could never truly achieve but a vast and unshakable edifice, terrible in its power. Had she lived, she might have come to know its grace. Instead, she chose rebellion, envy, wrath. In clinging to one god, she explicitly scorned another.”

Hale reportedly wrote a lengthy manifesto explaining the reason behind the slaughter, but it has yet to be released, with the Nashville Police Department announcing that the document will not see the light of day any time soon due to “pending litigation.”

This is at odds with virtually every other mass shooter, who particularly if they are white or can be portrayed as right-wing, have their entire background and motivation exposed within 24 hours.

However, in a new twist, it’s now being reported that the families of the murdered children don’t want the manifesto to be released.

“No one was more traumatized or has suffered more than the families of the victims and of the survivors of the Covenant school tragedy and no one can claim a remotely similar interest in whether the writings of the shooter should be released,” states a legal brief.

The families claim the manifesto is the work of a mentally deranged person and is “dangerous” and “harmful,” although critics would argue that understanding the killer’s motive is crucial in preventing future mass shootings.

A judge has been asked to postpone the release of the manifesto until at least June 8 so that the “children of Covenant school might finish the school year in peace.”



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