Rapper Ice Cube Says Black Americans Should Ditch Democrat Party – ‘Something’s Gotta Change’

‘Black people have supported Democrats overwhelmingly for 50-60 years and nothing has changed,’ he explains.

Hip-hop icon Ice Cube of N.W.A. recently joined the Fullsend Podcast for a wide-ranging discussion including a segment currently going viral online where he commented on American politics

When the rapper was asked about whether or not he supported Trump during his presidency, he clarified, “I never supported Trump or Biden. I never asked to speak to the Republicans or the Democrats.”

“I created a document called the Contract With Black America that spelled out a lot of different issues that we believe was the reason there was so much unrest after George Floyd was killed,” he explained. “I released the document and everyone wanted to talk to me. The Republicans asked to talk to me and the Democrats. I went to talk to both of them about the contract. The Republicans asked if they could implement some things from the contract into their proposal and I said the document was open for anybody to use in any way they desire.”

Next, Ice Cube was questioned about the stigma of black Americans voting Republican and he responded, “I don’t know what’s going on in the African American community when it comes to that. Black people have supported Democrats overwhelmingly for 50-60 years and nothing has changed, so something’s gotta change.”

Challenging the status quo is nothing new for the rap legend who lost millions of dollars during the Covid pandemic after he refused to receive the experimental mRNA jab mandated by Hollywood film studios at the time.

Infowars founder Alex Jones issued a message to Ice Cube after he stuck to his principles and turned down $9 million over the clot shot.

Watch the full podcast episode below:

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