RFK Jr. Bitcoin Conference Speech Goes Viral – Becomes First Presidential Candidate To Accept Bitcoin Campaign Donations

Democrat presidential candidate throws support behind top cryptocurrency

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke at Friday’s 2023 Bitcoin Conference where he received a standing ovation from a fired-up crowd.

The rising politician told the crowd Bitcoin could be an answer to emerging technologies being implemented by the political power structure.

He said, “We are now living in this age of turnkey totalitarianism where this emerging technology which can empower totalitarian regimes and our job is to try to build and fortify democratic institutions at the same rate those totalitarian instruments are being expanded in their power.”

He continued to say Bitcoin is the best current tool to fight back against the power structure because “it can’t be manipulated.”

Speaking directly to the crowd, RFK Jr. said he knew they were present because they love America, democracy and freedom.

“In that sense, your support of Bitcoin puts you in the same category as the framers of the Constitution that gave us that Bill of Rights, that created these democratic institutions, and you are the current manifestation of that impulse.”

Nolan Bauerler, Bitcoin expert and host of The Break Up, told the audience immediately following the speech, “We just heard one of the most amazing talks I’ve ever heard about Bitcoin at an event in my entire life, and I’ve been doing this for many years.”

RFK Jr. is also now accepting Bitcoin as a currency for campaign donations, a first for any U.S. presidential candidate.

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