Watch: MTG ‘Impeachment Team’ Releases Video Exposing Biden Failures

Congresswoman says Biden ‘a direct threat to our national security and he must be impeached!’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) posted a video to her Twitter page Friday documenting the multitude of reasons Sleepy Joe Biden deserves to be impeached from office.

She wrote, “Joe Biden is allowing our country to be INVADED, and it’s no accident. He is a direct threat to our national security and he must be impeached! Sign on to citizen cosponsor my Articles of Impeachment against Biden and his America Last administration here.”

CLICK HERE to cosponsor the articles of impeachment against Biden.

Just as Rep. Greene revealed during a Wednesday appearance on The Alex Jones Show, she’s officially filed articles of impeachment against the corrupt globalist puppet Sleepy Joe Biden Thursday.

The congresswoman cited Biden’s “refusal to uphold our immigration laws,” and giving “Mexican drug cartels, human traffickers, violent criminals and terrorists operational control of our border” as the top reasons he needs to be impeached.

Don’t miss Greene’s latest appearance on The Alex Jones Show below:

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