White People Told They’re Not Welcome at BLM-Inspired London Play

Diversity = no white people.

White people have been told not to attend a BLM-inspired theatre production in London so that black audience members can enjoy it without being subjected to “the white gaze.”

Yes, really.

The Theatre Royal Stratford East, which is located in a ‘diverse’ area of London has been accused of setting a “dangerous precedent” after it was revealed that white visitors have been told to stay away from the July 5 performance of Tambo & Bones.

The director of the play Matthew Xia said that the play was a “darkly provocative satire on race” about two characters who “find themselves trapped in a minstrel show” and end up doing “the only thing that is possible to do to really break out of the white gaze.”

The characters later stage a hip hop performance in the middle of the show and then become members of the violent revolutionary communist Black Lives Matter group.

Theatre organizers said the one-off “Black Out” event would serve to create a “safe, private” space for an “all-black-identifying audience” to explore race-related issues, and that white people were not welcome.

Presumably, white people who ‘identify’ as black can still attend.

“A Black Out night is the purposeful creation of an environment in which an all-black-identifying audience can experience and discuss an event in the performing arts, film, and cultural spaces – free from the white gaze,” states a description for the show.

Britain’s first black police and crime commissioner (PCC), Festus Akinbusoye, said excluding white people sets a “poor and dangerous precedent” and “strongly urged” the theatre and director to cancel the event entirely.

Expect the play to be sparsely attended given that the vast majority of people who attend social justice-style plays are middle class white people trying to atone for their self-inflicted ‘white guilt’.

In this case, ‘diversity’ appears to mean no white people.



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