WATCH: Migrants Attack Polish Border Guards

Poland accuses Russia, Belarus of continuing to funnel global migrants towards Europe as part of “hybrid attack”

Poland continues to battle illegal migration and human smuggling along its border with Belarus.

Warsaw accuses Russia and its allies of funneling migrants from across the globe to the Polish border as part of a “hybrid attack” on Europe.

Polish authorities announce border busts on a daily basis, often sharing photos and videos of confrontations with violent migrants who are frequently supported by undercover Belarusian officers.

On Saturday, a Polish patrol vehicle was attacked by migrants throwing sticks and rocks through the border fence.

“Foreigners react with aggression to Polish patrols standing in their way to the west of Europe. Among the attackers were also masked men,” Straż Graniczna, the Polish Border Patrol, explained alongside a video from the incident.

“Belarusian services, supported by Russia, are constantly trying to create an illegal migration route through our country.”

On Friday, two Ukrainian citizens were caught smuggling illegal migrants from Yemen after a high-speed chase in the county of Bielski.

Earlier this month, guards fought with migrants attempting to erect a ladder at another section along the border fence.

“The determination of foreigners is getting bigger and is not dictated by the desire to obtain protection in Poland but to get through Poland to Western Europe as soon as possible. The Belarusian services are constantly helping them and providing equipment to illegally cross the border,” Straż Graniczna said.

Infowars has reported extensively on migration chaos along the Poland-Belarus border in recent years.

One of several strategies currently being deployed against the American people is the Cloward-Piven strategy.

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