“I’m The Rap Game’s Alex Jones” – New Hit Song Slams Woke Modern Music Industry, Biden & More

“Based Freestyle” crushes far-left establishment and exposes blind followers of NWO agenda

Political activist and Christian rap artist Hi-Rez released a new song and music video Friday called, “Based Freestyle” where he obliterates the far-left establishment and the sheep who follow its NWO agenda.

From mocking Joe Biden’s affinity for sniffing children to the weaponized FBI targeting patriotic Americans, the track covers many controversial topics the mainstream wants to prevent the public from discussing.

In one epic verse, Hi-Rez recites, “I’m the rap game’s Alex Jones, government been tappin’ phones, God walking with me I’m never on this path alone.”

This type of art is exactly what the liberty movement needs to promote our ideology in a palatable way for young people and others who would otherwise not be exposed to alternative news subjects.

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